Fanuc Editing Copy and Paste

Fanuc Editing Copy and Paste

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Fanuc Editing Oi Model D. This does vary on the age of your control this article is for a newer control (Fanuc Oi Model D).

Read this article if you want to see Fanuc Editing 18i (older control) or this one one for older Oi control  copy and paste.

Now I’ll warn you that it’s not a simple process but if you get into the habit of using it you’ll never leave home without it.

I am definitely not going to rant on and on about why all these simple procedures were not introduced years and years ago. Why has the editing on CNC controls generally been so shit over the years?

I am also not going to rant and and whinge about how fuckin complicated it all is.

I mean bloody hell all I want is to take this shit here and join it to the end of this shit here.

I’m not asking  for an “X Factor Audition Here” (Simon if you are reading this my contact details are above) I only write this crap to try and make some money, my really passion is singing and exotic dancing in my underwear. I really want this Simon, just one chance is all I need.

Here is How You Do It

What you’ll need:

  • One large aubergine
  • Pinch of salt
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  • 5oz of plain flour
  • Light sprinkling of sugar

Sorry this is getting too stupid now, even for me.

Fanuc Editing

Make sure you are in the EDIT mode Fanuc Editing

Press PROG Fanuc Editing to view your program and search to the start of the code you wish to copy using arrow keys


Fanuc Editing


Fanuc Editing

Now you need to press the soft key (OPRT)

(Use your left and right arrow keys to navigate between options)

Fanuc Editing

If you press SELECT on this next screen it will designate the start of the section you want to Copy

Fanuc Editing

As you move downwards more text will be selected

Now click the softkey COPY or the softkey CUT

This will put your code onto a clipboard. If you hit CUT it will be removed from your program.

Remember that you can put this back at anytime by hitting PASTE (Make sure your cursor is still in the same place)

No one will ever know you touched it (your secret is safe with me)

It’s OK to go to another program and paste your code there. It’s not just restricted to your current program, just don’t leave the country.

When selecting the code hit the CANCEL softkey to stop selection and do something else.

If you click the BTTM key you selection will be from where you are to the end of the program.

Click SELECT ALL if you wish to copy the whole program. You can then start a new program and paste the whole program into it. How cool is that?

Easy what?

Just keep doing it is my advise, the more you use this shit the quicker your programming and editing will become.

Thank you for reading my article. Don’t forget to come to the CNC Training Centre for the best training available in the UK.

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